5 Essential Things to Build a Successful Brand

We’ve been successfully creating brands since 1989 for a huge variety of industry sectors including aerospace, engineering, foster care, education, retail, charity, construction and many, many more!essential things for branding

With nearly 30 years’ experience in brand creation and redevelopment, we’ve compiled our top 5 essential items to create a successful brand, whether you are looking for a refresh, want to launch into a new sector or are a brand new (mind the pun) start-up.


1. Market analysis

Understanding your market is the first step to getting your brand right. Knowing the conditions that affect your marketplace such as seasonal trends, customer and competitor analysis, will help you to understand how and where to position yourself in your industry.


2. Competitive advantage

What makes you stand out from your competitors? Why will your customers choose to work with you or buy from you instead of your competitors? Define your USP (unique selling point) and make sure it’s at the forefront of your marketing campaigns.


3. Brand name

This is how everyone will know you so make sure your brand name stands out and delivers the message that you want to communicate. The best brand names are easy to say, spell and remember.


4. Core branding assets

Once you have your brand name pinned down, it’s time to create your logo. Similar to choosing your name, your logo is a key factor in consumer perception of your brand so it must be recognisable and represent your brand values. Think about the colours that are commonly used in your industry and the typography styles that will resonate with your audience. It’s at this point that you should create a brand book so that going forward your brand and its messaging are consistent.


5. Online presence

There’s no point in creating a beautiful brand and then hiding it away for no one to find. Make sure your customers can find you and establish your tone of voice and communication style via online marketing channels to deliver consistent and relevant communication – such as social media marketing and digital advertising.


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