Number 1 in Google with no SEO activity – how we’re doing it

With 55% of users viewing the website on a mobile device, MT wanted to redefine and engineer the customer journey for mobile users whilst increasing their visibility in organic search listings.

The new website launched in Spring 2016 and since then we have seen fantastic growth in sales and organic search listing positions, with a record 20% increase in sales made on a mobile device in month 1.

Even now, nearly 12 months after launch, we are seeing an average of 75% of web traffic from organic search results, specifically where MT are listed in the first and second organic positions (quite often occupying both positions).

“Being first in Google for a lot of the primary keywords when there are 88 million competing is phenomenal and has certainly had a direct impact on web sales.”

So how are we doing it?

With mobile usability the primary focus for this project, we designed and developed the mobile layout first. This meant that we were able to streamline the conversion process and make it as user-friendly as possible before looking at our secondary audience for desktop and tablet.

In addition to this we also conducted detailed keyword research to ensure all content on the site was SEO-friendly and restructured the CMS site hierarchy, making it super-easy for Google to crawl the site.

So, if you’re looking for “beauty towels” or “hairdressing towels” you’re sure to come across MT immediately.

If you want to know more about how to boost your organic listings, improve the number of orders through your site or are just interested to see how we could boost your business, contact our Senior Account Manager, Alice at or call 0121 321 2828.