How we took 4 PPC conversions in 30 days to 27 in 10 days

At Creative Insight we don’t just set up your adverts and let them run unattended, we constantly monitor user engagement, conversion, language and trends.

Back in 2015 we started working with client W (for privacy reasons we can’t share the name of the organisation), to increase their presence online and the amount of bookings on their website.

This organisation operates in the leisure industry with multiple leisure and holiday parks throughout the UK, and survives on April-October bookings, so we recommended a trial PPC campaign for one of their parks.

In 2016 our pay-per-click campaigns were responsible for 183 bookings and 773 enquiries with an average cost per conversion of £4.62 – a great achievement.

We’ve seen a fantastic 40% increase in bookings in 2016 with almost a 200% increase in visitors during what is usually our quietest month!

After a successful launch, PPC is now part of W’s ongoing marketing strategy to drive digital leads. In 2017 we want to do even better.

With a full 12 months of data at our fingertips, and from our detailed analysis, we found that we could retain the same spend but quadruple the amount of leads. One method we undertook was removing any keywords with less than 1.5% conversion rate, leaving us with 72 of an original 729.

By removing the lesser performing keywords, we obtained more budget to spend on the ones with proven results and adapted our adverts and landing pages accordingly.

This is just one way that we aim to achieve better results this year and so far our methods have seen astounding results.

Other areas we have improved / reviewed / tasks undertaken are:

  • Detailed keyword research
  • Behaviour flow and demographic analysis
  • Detailed bid strategy
  • Location targeted adverts
  • Device targeted adverts
  • Streamlined conversion process
  • Re-marketing strategy

We undertook the above tasks mid-February 2017 and re-launched our new PPC strategy on the 16th Feb and latest results show that on 26th February, we have now seen…

  • Conversion rate growth from 0.28% in January to 2.12%
  • Growth from 4 conversions in January to 27
  • Cost per conversion decrease from £62.52 in January to £12.78

If your PPC leads are running low or you want to know how to boost your digital presence with PPC and Creative Insight, contact our Senior Account Manager, Alice at or call 0121 321 2828.

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