Why Video Content can be a Powerful Inbound Marketing Tool

Inbound marketing – a marketing concept in which potential customers come to companies out of choice rather than through intrusive advertising – is one of the fasted growing fields in modern digital marketing. It provides some of the best returns on investment in the industry and can be done on a small budget – nearly everyone is doing it! Quality content is one of the biggest factors in any inbound campaign and so you must be wondering; what content will make your campaigns stand out?

Video is one of the most popular forms of media with current internet users. Reports from Cisco claim that, by 2019, 80% of all website traffic will be people watching video content. Not only this, but four times more potential customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it and statistics show that, after watching a video, 64% of people are more likely to make an online purchase – video is a powerful marketing and sales tool (and also keeps visitors to your pages engaged for longer which also benefits your site’s ranking). So common sense would dictate that making some pre-roll ads and putting them on YouTube would be a great idea? Right?

Not so fast! Modern users hate watching adverts. Statistics show that on average, only about 11.6% of users will watch a video ad to the end on YouTube if given the choice to skip, and nearly 30% of net users have some kind of adblocking installed to prevent ads being shown in the first place. What you really need is content that people will go out of their way to watch – content that is as effective at being entertaining or informative, as it is at being a piece of marketing.

All the way back in October 2006, kitchen appliance company BlendTec launched their YouTube channel. Their first video? The first in a low budget series of videos entitled “Will it Blend?”. In this series, then BlendTec CEO Tom Dickenson, successfully blended assumedly “unblendable” objects using a BlendTec brand blender.

While these videos were not explicitly advertising the BlendTech blender, the result was the same as an outbound advert – awareness of BlendTec, their products and their products’ quality. The series went viral; 12.5m people, who likely wouldn’t have engaged with a standard advert for the same product, wanted to see a blender destroy an iPhone. These relatively cheap videos – BlendTec already had a production crew on staff for video user guides – provided a huge boost in company interest and reportedly boosted sales by 700% by January 2009 – a resounding success for video content!


Google Searches for BlendTec Since 2004
Google Searches for BlendTec Since 2004

So what made it work? At the core of the campaign was the product, without a solid product the campaign would not have been as successful. From there, BlendTec took the things they wanted to market – the power and durability of their blender – and advertised these aspects in an entertaining way. The “Will It Blend?” series focused on making marketing entertaining instead of placing marketing materials inside other pieces of content. BlendTec created community engagement through talking with their audience – asking them to submit ideas to their website as to what they should blend next. They also linked their content to large social events, such as the Superbowl, to piggyback off popular organic search terms and to peak viewer interest.

The result of BlendTec’s work was a series of advertisements that people went out of their way to watch, rather than avoid.

Video content is one of the most powerful inbound tools out there with the ability to drive massive numbers of impressions and boosts in sales – the numbers speak for themselves.

You don’t need to make videos on the scale of BlendTec to achieve success through video marketing however. Videos don’t have to be a series, and they don’t have to be humorous. They simply need to be engaging and people need to have gained something from watching. Take these as yet more examples of how video marketing can be successfully implemented.

Though with 42% of companies yet to invest in video content, we know there are many of you out there that could benefit from adding video to your marketing strategies. If you want to know if video content is right for your brand, or just want to chat about what we can offer your business in general, then why not get in touch? Contact Mark today on 0121 321 2828 or email studio@creativeinsight.co.uk