Article Optimisation for Web

All digital marketers will be aware of the constant battle to get their pages ranked highly in Google’s SERPs, but what actually works when it comes to content, SEO and optimisation?

Here, at Creative Insight, we want to prove that writing properly optimised web articles can massively boost your Google position, drive traffic to your website and provide a fantastic return on investment. Anyone can write content, but the difference between content for content’s sake and targeted content can be hard to measure.

We know from experience that writing properly themed content works. We’ve achieved the highly coveted number 1 position in Google for many of our client’s pages, using our specially developed content creation and optimisation software tool based on Google’s own latent semantic indexing algorithms. For example, a piece we wrote and optimised for a holiday park client focused on the keyword phrase “caravan holiday parks with fishing”. This achieved the prized number one position in Google within just a week of publishing thanks to the highly sophisticated content theming we carried out.

To prove our point, we’ve decided to gather some data by carrying out a little experiment of our own! We are going to be publishing two articles on the subject. The first article (this one) will not have been optimised correctly using our advanced software, the second will be a long-form article that has been thoroughly researched and correctly optimised using our content optimisation tool.

We hope to be able to compare analytics and ranking of the two pages and definitively prove why all businesses need to invest in proper optimisation for their websites!

Be sure to tune in next week to read our optimised article and see the difference for yourself.